Governance Solutions International is an organization devoted to the identification, documentation and transfer of successful innovations in governance and public administration. It focuses particularly on those practices which promote citizens’ participation in development and on those that utilize information technology in delivering public services; it endeavors to replicate them and to adapt them to local circumstances. Its goal is to build local capacities and ensure sustainability.

Governance Solutions International also provides advisory services to Governments, local authorities and international organizations on a wide range of developmental issues, focusing on policy development, service design and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. It relies on a team of experienced specialists in a number of fields and geographical areas.

Governance Solutions International Evaluation Assignments
GSI and its associated consultants have a long and extensive experience in carrying out evaluations of development programmes and projects, including meta evaluations. All of its consultants have worked in the development field and in developing countries and are thus fully familiar with development assistance methods and practices.

1. GSI, in association with Professional Management is currently under agreement with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct meta evaluations of development programmes.

2. Also in partnership with Professional Management is under agreement with the Swedish International Development Agency to carry out reviews, evaluations and advisory services on results frameworks.

3. Below are selected examples of the recent evaluation work conducted by GSI consultants. Additional examples can be provided as required.

• Fiji and Pacific Islands: Evaluation of MDGs Reporting Processes for UNDP (2009-2011)

• Jordan: participated with the Government Performance Administration of the Prime Ministry in the “Governance Assessment Project” (2012)

• Brazil: Evaluation of the Integrated Sustainable Development Programme for the South of Bahia State (2012)

• Afghanistan: Carried out for FAO capacity needs assessment and assisted in drafting 2011-2015 country programme (2011-2012)

• Nicaragua: Carried out for Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs meta evaluation of PRODEGA ( Integrated Programme of Rural and Cattle-Raising Development) (2013)